Three Peat

Congratulations to the Mariner Team for the third Region Championship, battling tough teams, weather- showing resiliency, grit and tremendous support for each other. What a great group of players. on to the State Tournament, stay tuned

It Starts Anew

Off to Regions with first game against Soldotna on 5/24 at 12:30. Either come to the Kenai Fields to support us or follow on Live Facebook on the Mariner Softball Page.

The End is in Site

It goes so fast. Seems like we just started and here it is, Regions and State around the corner. Then the sadness of seeing this crazy, strange team of unique players going their separate ways. But what a team they have become, Hold your breath and Hang on. The waves of the mariners will wash over all.

Rally in the Valley

Participated in the Inaugural Rally in the Valley Tournament, hosted by all four Valley Schools and took First Place with 5-0 record and some Nail biting Games. Did this with only 9 Players putting in a remarkable display of jelling as a team. Let’s see where we go from here. BTW- second place team was Kodiak, showing a Northern Lights and small school dominance this last weekend.

So Brief

A shock to have all the home games over except for the postponed Kenai Game May 18th. Feels good to get into the win column for the conference with a team that was functioning the best they have this season. Looking forward to more experience in the next two weekends. Raffle sales so far at 534 tickets with Claudia the leader at 63 with 10 of the now-21 players selling at least the quota of 25. Proud of these ladies. Off to the Valley on Thursday at 7am.

Getting Closer-in so many ways

We are getting closer to getting into the heart of the season- at least we were until the snows came. Still hoping that we will have our games at the end of the week- stay tuned

We are also getting closer to our fund raising efforts. A successful Garage Sale but still determining what non-profit to split the profits with. Hoping to instill and nurture the seeds of philanthropy in these women.

Getting closer to meeting our own fund raising and raffle goals as part of their team accountability. Members of the 25 CLUB– AB, GG, KJ, KA, DH, EL, CF. Unfortunately, still 6 members of the 0 CLUB as we get close to starting our drawings.

Off and Running

A good start to the season in Kodiak. Resilient players in Rain, Hail, Wind. Learned a lot about what to work on in the next two weeks before the Conference Season starts. Very Positive feeling about this team not just on the field but the way they supported and mentored each other. We are going far this year.

First Month

It has certainly gone quickly. We have 24 committed and focused players who seem to be getting along quite well, playing together well, helping each other with kindness. A great start to the Season. We head to Kodiak in a week with 16 players for several days of tournament. Sorry that we could not take everyone and resorted to random draw for the final spots. Three JV games have been added to the Rally in the Valley Tournament the first weekend in May. We are about to dive into it headfirst. Come along for the ride. And don’t forget to buy some raffle tickets.

Bye-bye Preseason

Once again, another preseason has come to an end and we are in official Spring training. I know many of the players have other promised commitments to basketball, musical and spring break. I expect them to honor those commitments and to come to practice if they can while balancing studies, work, etc. Please let us know that you are interested in playing as soon as you can. We are all excited to see what this season will bring. First meeting will be at the SPARC 5-6 Wed the 27th. Rides will be available in the lower HHS parking lot starting at 4:15. Soft soled shoes and waiver filled out on line please.