Our Wonderful Sponsors for the 2020 Season
(all monies will be returned with cancellation of season- but many thanks to you all)

Dynasty Supporters -($1000 and up!)

Harmon and Pauli Hall

Preventive Dentistry, Dr. Susan Polis

Beluga Lake Lodge (PullTab Venue)

World Series Sponsors ($500-$999)

Homer Foundation’s Schroer Fund

League Champion ($250-$499)

East Road Services

Beachy Construction

Kachemak Auto Parts / NAPA

Dibble Creek Rock, LTD

Wild Card Winners ($100-$249)

Janet & Pat McNary

Summit Physical Therapy

LFS / Kachemak Gear Shed

Paul & Tina Seaton

Northern Enterprises

Tundra Tech (Web Hosting)

Bleacher Fans

Homer’s Jeans


Thanks to these businesses that have let us intrude on their operations to support us in selling our Raffle Tickets. Please thank them for supporting us.




Kachemak Gear Shed

Scott’s Pharmacy

Homer Medical