It Begins

We are crashing into the season.  I will keep the Schedule up to date and use the Practice Schedule to cover travel plans into the future as I know them. It is going to be non-stop from this point forward. Hang on and enjoy the ride. 

Season Update

A great group of players,  skilled veterans and new players that are anxious to learn and doing really well. Team has decided our motto is “Dedicated to Improvement ” and they are certainly improving by the hour in practice. #D2I    Parent Meeting notes are on the parent page, Schedule is getting filled in though it obviously hangs by a thread at all times. Paperwork is slowly getting turned in. We teach to only control what you can control but that does not keep us from muttering about the weather. One day we will be outside, in the warmth, on green grass. For now, we would settle for mud and jackets. On we go…