Fund Raising

It takes quite a bit to keep this program running. We rely on player participation fees, donations from local businesses and various other fund-raisers to help offset the added expenses. We have used coffee sales, vehicle raffles and our traditional  calendar raffle.

Calendar Raffle

Each player will be given 25 tickets to sell for our Calendar Money raffle where we give away money during every day from May 1st through the State Tournament. There will be prizes and rewards for those that sell, the most tickets, sell them the fastest, sell the winning big ticket, etc. We are going to try something this year of making those rewards group based rather than individually based.  We need a parent to volunteer to be the Overseer of the Raffle.

Amazon Smile

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Like all other non-profits in town ( and yes, we are a non-profit -supporting Mariner Softball and Summer Fastpitch Softball) we participate in the PFD pick-click-give program. Please  donate to the Homer Foundation with a comment that it is for Softball Fund and send an email to  with your name and that the donation is for the softball fund. We thank you. Maybe one day the program will be close to self sufficient.


We previously  reached out with a GoFundMe Account for temporary assistance. This is a way for distant relatives to support these players and the money from this can be used to support our streaming service.

Garage Sale

Our annual “Dome Garage Sale”,  splitting proceeds between the team and a local charity could be re-started. It is both a great way for us to give something back to a charity that the players choose and a way to purchase more needed equipment, or assist with the scholarship program.  We will need a Maven of Selling to be in charge