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Gear- All will be provided for you except for your own glove and a comfortable, secure pair of shoes. These can be shoes with good grip or metal cleats. On the Turf practices, you will not be able to wear metal. We can help you with your glove choices, glove care and also  have  loaner cleats and gloves to get started.

Gear sites:

Raffle Calendar Seller Prizes –

Tickets Sales will be measured in groups of 4, as close to 2 FR/SO + 2 JR/SR as possible.

Each Group to 100 sold tix$40 Gift certificate -their choice
All groups to 100Food Party after Practice
Century Mark by anyonea crisp new Benjamin
Group selling most by 4/25No regular season hotel fees
Most sold between 4/25 to 5/24$1/ ticket sold/group member
1000 Raffle tickets soldNo Hotel fees, no Transportation fees
Seller of final $1000 ticketmeet Ulysses S. Grant