Team Information

Welcome to Mariner Softball- 2023 Edition

This should be an exciting year with lots of new players. Please realize that the season does definitely go through Memorial Day with our Region Tournament held here in town for the second time and hopefully goes through  June 3rd with the State Tournament in Anchorage.  I understand there are many individual reasons for playing softball but I will assume that everyone is available through June 4th unless you tell me differently.  That will not affect how much you play and participate during the season but will play into how we develop the Varsity/Competition team during the season. Please know that there will be a Summer Season option with USA/Softball- Tsunami  to increase your skills. The growth players show in the summer league is amazing, especially in preparation for the next year.

ALSO, please note that in order to practice or play games you MUST attend the entire school day. If you have a medical appointment, etc you MUST turn in a written not to the office from your appointment person. ( not from cousin, parent, friend or other creative writer).

Please be sure that you have fulfilled all your  obligations under PlanetHS.

Player Information Sheet 2023    (Demographic Information for me- please be sure this is turned into me)

Team contact Information 2023   (This is for you in order to connect with team information-think of it as refrigerator art during the season)

Mariner Softball Team Manual

2023 addendum to Team Manual

Mariner Athletic Information  

Participation Fee Waiver Request

High School Guidelines       (Please read pages 9-22 especially)

TAD – Policy from Borough and HHS

Upcoming Travel Plans

HHS Volunteer form  ( you will also need to do a background check on KBPSD site)

KPBSD Official Forms

Gear- All can be provided for you except for your own glove and a comfortable, secure pair of shoes. These can be shoes with good grip or metal cleats. On the Turf fields, you will not be able to wear metal. We can help you with your glove choices, glove care.  We  also  have  loaner cleats and gloves to get started.

Gear sites:

Dick’s Sporting Good Softball

How to sell a Raffle Ticket

Raffle Calendar Seller Prizes –

Ticket Sales are going. Not only do you have the tickets in hand you can have your Alaskan Friends buy them online on the Raffle Information page.  JG is in the lead for the first prize…..

Seller Groups 23

Group Tickets Sold
A 149
B 87
C 141
D 105
E 132
First to sell 25 ticketsa visit with Alexander HamiltonKatelyn
Each Group having everyone sell their 25 tickets before May$40 Gift certificate -their choicenone
If All groups to (25 x Members) Tix soldFood Party after Practicenone
Century Mark by anyonea crisp new Benjaminnone
Groups selling more than 175 by 4/25No regular season hotel feesnone
Team selling most between 5/1 to 5/24$1/ ticket sold to groupGroup C-$24
Group Selling most by Regions$50 for PartyA
750 Raffle tickets soldNo further Hotel fees or Transportation fees for the team.not yet
Seller of final $500 ticketmeet Ulysses S. GrantKenzie