So Brief

A shock to have all the home games over except for the postponed Kenai Game May 18th. Feels good to get into the win column for the conference with a team that was functioning the best they have this season. Looking forward to more experience in the next two weekends. Raffle sales so far at 534 tickets with Claudia the leader at 63 with 10 of the now-21 players selling at least the quota of 25. Proud of these ladies. Off to the Valley on Thursday at 7am.

Getting Closer-in so many ways

We are getting closer to getting into the heart of the season- at least we were until the snows came. Still hoping that we will have our games at the end of the week- stay tuned

We are also getting closer to our fund raising efforts. A successful Garage Sale but still determining what non-profit to split the profits with. Hoping to instill and nurture the seeds of philanthropy in these women.

Getting closer to meeting our own fund raising and raffle goals as part of their team accountability. Members of the 25 CLUB– AB, GG, KJ, KA, DH, EL, CF. Unfortunately, still 6 members of the 0 CLUB as we get close to starting our drawings.

Off and Running

A good start to the season in Kodiak. Resilient players in Rain, Hail, Wind. Learned a lot about what to work on in the next two weeks before the Conference Season starts. Very Positive feeling about this team not just on the field but the way they supported and mentored each other. We are going far this year.