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Practice Starts March 2nd- First several weeks will be quite variable with Spring Break and alternating gym times. I will try to keep everything up dated as I get it. Any time we are in the gym plan on being there 20 minutes prior to start for warmup  and for 15 minutes after for stretching and warm down.

Varsity Schedule - 2022
Season (18-23)
Conference (7-3)
Conference Tournament 3-0
State Tourney 2-3

March 2nd4-6 p,Practice Starts- Homer Middle SchoolHomer Middleon gamechnager
March 18th6pmPARENT MEETINGHHS Library
April 6th4:ooHomer @Kodiak Conference gameKodiak11-19L
Apr 6th6pmHomer @Kodiak - Conference GameKodiak0-14L
Apr 7th12PMNorth PoleEmerald Isle invitational - Kodiak5-7L
Apr 7th3:15PMColonyEmerald Isle invitational - Kodiak2-13L
April 7th5pmEagle RiverEmerald Isle invitational - Kodiak7-8L
April 8th10AMDeltaEmerald Isle invitational - Kodiak15-3W
April 8th4PMWasillaEmerald Isle invitational - Kodiak19-5W
April 9th9amEagle RIver - Double Elimination TournamentEmerald Isle invitational - Kodiak7-10L
April 9th12PMNorth Pole - Double Elimination TournamentEmerald Isle invitational - Kodiak4-5L
April 23rd12pmPalmer - JGPHomer6-5W
April 26th6pmKenai - ConferenceHomer17-0W
April 27th5:30pm@ Palmer - ConferencePalmer2-6L
April 28th10AMRally in the Valley - DeltaColony Middle School0-3L
April 28th2pmRally in the Valley - North PoleColony Middle School1-11L
April 28th6pmRally in the Valley- KetchikanColony Middle School0-16L
April 29th10AMRally in the Valley- KodiakColony Middle School6-10L
April 29th3:20PMRally in the Valley - WasillaColony Middle School11-0W
April 29th7:20PMRally in the Valley - ColonyBusby Field Palmer4-14L
April 30th1PMRally in the Valley - HoustonColony Middle School9-0W
May 3rd6om@Kenai - ConferenceKenai14-0W
May 5th4pmHomer @Houston- ConferenceHouston17-9W
May 5th7pmHouston @ HomerHouston21-1W
May 6th3:45PMAnchorage Blue Gold vs SouthAlbrecht- Anchorage1-20L
May 6 th5:45PMAnchorage Blue Gold Tournament-vs ServiceAlbrecht- Anchorage0-12L
May 6 th7:45PMAnchorage Blue Gold Tournament vs DimondAlbrecht- Anchorage0-17L
May 7 th9:00AMAnchorage Blue Gold Tournament vs Eagle RiverAlbrecht- Anchorage1-6L
May 10th6pmHomer @ SoldotnaSoldotna LL Fields15-4W
May 17th6pmSoldotna-ConferenceJack Gist23-15W
May 195:30 PMBash on the Bay Tournament vs ColonyHomer3-4L
May 202:30 PMBash on the Bay Tournament vs DimondHomer0-10L
May 204:00PMBash on the Bay vs ServiceHomer10-4W
May 205:30pmBash on the Bay vs ChugiakHomer6-3W
May 21NoonBash on the Bay-Single elimination Colony vs HomerHomer3-6L
May 273pmRegion Tournament - Soldotna versus PalmerSoldotna14-6W
May 28th11AMRegion Tournament- Soldotna Versus KodiakSoldotna7-2W
May 28th3PMRegion Tournament- Soldotna Versus KodiakSoldotna14-2WCONFERENCE CHAMPS !!
June 212:00PMState Tournament - Round Robin vs North PoleFairbanks13-11W
June 25:00PMState Tournament RR vs Thunder MountainFairbanks1-10L
June 3TBDState Tournament- Double Elimination-KodiakFairbanks5-2W
June 3rdRBDState Tournament- Double Elimination-DeltaFairbanks10-17L
June 4TBDState Tournament- Double Elimination-North PoleFairbanks1-9L

JV Schedule

(updated 5/17/22)

March 2nd4-6pmPractice StartsHomer Middle
April 62pm@KodiakKodiakCancelled
April 22nd4pmPalmerJGPL 7-20
April 23rd10AMPalmerJGPL 6-19
April 264pmKenaiJGPL 7-19
April 287:15pmColony- Rally in the valley@ PalmerL-0-13
April 2911:20AMRally in Valley-Kodiak JV, WasillaL 2-13
April 29th12:40Rally in the valley-WasillaWasillaL 5-10
April 30th11 amRally in the Valley - Houston, WasillaL-9-11
April 30th3:40 P<Rally in the Valley - PalmerWasillaL 2-14
May 2nd4pmKenai@KenaiL
May 104pmSoldotna@SoldotnaL12-13
May 134pmDimondJGPL 14-19
May 136pmDimondJGPW-15-13
May 1411 AMDimondJGPL 9-21
May 141PMDimondJGPW 14-10
May 174pmSoldotnaJGPT 15-15