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Annual Escrip Renewal-Time Sensitive-Thanks

Tsunami Pitching Sundays-4pm, Dome

Tsunami Softball Club presents

November Softball Clinic-Nov 21/22/23

Open to players of all ages


  Friday   Saturday( HHS Gym)   Sunday(ATR)
4-5:15 Mcki Needham, Pam Jantzi, Jordan Raymond 8-9 Breakfast 12-1:00pm needham, jantzi, raymond-catchers- Beach, larue
    9-10:30 annalyn brown, karmyn gallios, lilly smith 1-2 Hagge, Gallios
5:15-6:15 Izabelle Hagge, Malina Fellows, Kaitlyn Johnson, Elsie Smith, 10:30-12 e. Smith, Kaitlyn johnson, Izabelle Hagge    
    12:30-2 Cassie, Cierra    
6:30-8:00 Cierra King, Kassandra Lindsley, Emily Koziczkowski, Daisy Kettle,, Karmyn Gallios, AnnaLyn Brown, Lilly Smith 2-4 Mcki, Pam, Jordan    



  Saturday ( HHS Gym)   Sunday( Dome)
11:15-12:30 beach, needham, larue, walls, stafford, bowe,    
12:30-1:30 liebers, pitzman, L.fellows, Kaitlyn Johnson, jantzi, raymond 10-11 needham, beach, jantxi, larue.?brown?
1:30-2:30 e. smith, m.fellows, dragoo, woo, ellington, hagge 11-12 raymond, walls, hagge, stafford
2:30-3:30 l. smith, Gallios, King, Lindsley, catacutan, Koziczkowski, 12;30-1:30 liebers, pitzman Fellows x 2, Bowe
3:30-4:00 open 1:30--2:30 Dragoo, woo, gallios, ellington
? dome time? open    




Eve Gaw Buck will be here on Friday November 21st to work with anyone interested in pitching. She will do a combination of individual lessons and small group lessons. She will arrive after school with plans to be at the Dome that afternoon. Saturday morning we will move to the gym and in the afternoon Brandi Gordon, the Assistant Coach at Seattle U and previously at Harvard will arrive in the afternoon for hitting clinics, again in either individual lessons or small groups.

Sunday they will both be available until flying out at 3pm.

EVE BUCK PITCHING CLINIC SIGN-UP ....just to let me know your interest, times will come later.


Concession Responsibilities

Feb 21, 2015- 1:30-4pm

March 5th, 2015 - TBA




Chaperone Forms

Player Forms

Game Schedule

March 10th- Berkley Prep at 4pm

March 11th - Dixie Hollins at 6pm

March 12th - AFA @4pm with picnic to follow by their parents

March 13th- Lakewood at 6:30pm

We have scheduled an optional softball trip for interested players this spring break. It is a remarkable opportunity.

We will leave Sunday morning, March 8th at 12:35am on Alaska Flight 108 to Seatlle and then on to Tampa on Flight 774, arriving 5:30pm

Lodging will be at the Magnuson Marina Hotel, 6 nights at $98/night ($588)- This includes Breakfast and Dinner

Each day will include 2-4 hours of practice and one or two games. They provide, fields, balls, umpires.

We will receive Expert Instruction from Cindy Bristow and possibly Michelle Smith (interview)

There will be time for the Beach, Busch Gardens and either college softball and/or Major League Spring Training Games.

Flight back will be Saturday, March 14th, Alaska Airlines 775 and 89, arriving Anchorage at Midnight with an overnight in Anchorage ( not collected for at this time)

Deposit has been confirmed from Tampa


wmbell51 at gmail.com---three,nine,nine, one, zero, four, two

Players (as of 11/2):

Larsen, Malina, Kayla, MaryHana, Mags, Pam, Elsie, Izabelle, PK, McKi, Jenna, Riley, Annali, Isabel, Kyla, Kelly

Adults: Bill, Lisa, Blake/Bonnie, Sharon, Allen, Kristin, Jesse E.

Google Drive Spreadsheet for What needs to be done for the trip

In Preparation for meeting Cindy- I am posting one of her Pet Peeves in her own words. ( mine too, actually)

  1. I Work Harder Than You – As someone who gives tons of lessons every week, this is my biggest pet peeve! I love to work hard, but when it comes to making you better, I don’t feel like I should be working harder at it than you. After all, it’s YOUR lesson. I’m not talking about players that make mistakes during lessons, or aren’t feeling good or might be sore – all of those things are normal and will happen throughout a season. I’m talking about the player that comes to lessons without any of the 3 E’s – Energy or Enthusiasm or Effort. They just complain the entire time, about how hot it is (its summer in Florida!), how bad they’re doing, how bad their team is, or how tired they are. I won’t let them complain, but I also won’t allow myself to work harder at getting them better than they’re working at it. I know you’re not that player, but start being more aware of your 3 E’s; your Energy, your Effort & your Enthusiasm and bring all of them with you everywhere you go – including lessons!

BTW- if you are not getting her free updates from Softballexcellence.com, you are missing a valuable free resource.





Honda Side by Side Winner- Darren Rudolph of Wasilla- Ticket sold by Brenna

Hallo Bay Bear Trip Winner- Ivan Martushev- Homer

Thanks to all that supported our raffle and got us started for next year

Thanks especially to Allen Jantzi for four years of dedicated stewardship of the program



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Players Guide to watching Softball on TV


Why it is important to watch sports on TV

Practice without progress is meaningless

Practice without Intensity is an insult to your teammates

Reaching for Excellence

Thank our sponsors, they help make it all possible

And Thanks to our Parents for support

If you have a plan for improvement, have you put it in motion?

Control what you can control-effort, intensity, focus, self-critique

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