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Thank you Seniors....on to the Valley, after "the walk"

Practice Wednesday at 3:30 pm-


State Travel Plans

Will expect some individual financial commitment- still deciding amount.

Leave Homer on RAVN at 3:50, Tuesday June 2nd, arrive Fairbanks at 6:30pm

Leave Fairbanks on Saturday, June 6th at 6:55, those coming back to Homer will be here at 10pm

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Raised about $780 dollars for Cancer Care. Thanks to all of you

More incredible life advice from Cindy- Her teaching and voice stay with us

Womens College World Series Games and Brackets are now Starting on TV

Super Regionals start Thursday 5/21- Great games all weekend long this weekend

Northern Lights Standings (as of 5/15/15)





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* -Conference Champion, #1 seed.

From Tom Hanson- a mental Softball Expert:

Tournament time around here -- I don't know about where you're at in your season, but anytime we're "in season" we're also in "slump season" for some players.

I hesitate to give "tips" because humans are too complicated for "tips" to work.  I believe in a whole-person systematic approach to performance

(would you ask your knee surgeon for knee surgery "tips"?)

Having said that, here are 3 thoughts on how to break out of a slump, followed by something much more important....

1. Ask yourself "What action can I take right now that will most help the team?" 

2. Take that action.

A slump is a mindset.  And it is a selfish mindset.  You haven't gotten any hits lately and don't feel good at the plate... frustrating, I know.  But falling into that mindset (which I could quite accurately call a "trance" but it might scare some people off) is all about YOU. 

Do you add as much value as you can to the team when you're in a slump mindset? 

Of course not. 

So the slumping mindset is all about YOU. 

You can't control whether or not you get a hit so that is not an action you can choose to take.  Cheer for your teammates.  Work on your mental game/attitude.  Do something nice for a teammate or coach. 

One top choice:  Think of what mindset most helps your team and choose to work toward getting into that mindset.

(If you're a parent or coach, the above two "tips" apply to you 100% if you don't have a good vibe for what is going on with your player or team right now.)

3. Practice your swing in super slow motion.  Notice any excess tension throughout and let it go.  Do this for 5 minutes 2x/day.  Each swing be aware of what your body is experiencing, and imagine the pitch coming in and you whacking it hard up the middle for a base hit.

Then get back to #1 and #2.



New GameChanger Site for JV



Don Pitcher has taken the softball team photos. The photos are available online at www.pictage.com/1678401

Nutrition is our Discipline this year - Here is an article to read.

One of my goals as a coach is to teach you that you always have a choice in thoughts, attitudes and approach to life. Maybe the result will not be perfect but at least it will be you directing your life. Here is a summary of thinking that process through.


Excel - Enjoy - Evolve


Your Core is the Secret to our team success.

ATR 6:30am Tuesday and Thursday is available to you

Where do you find a strong core? Not on a couch. Not in math class. Not at the mall.

ATR will provide you with an unbeatable core for only the price of a little sweat.

MJ welcomes all softball players. Please start now to get us the stongest Team core in the state.

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Tom Hansen's Mental Toughness Quiz

Fun Article: Ted Williams vs Joan Joyce


THE Six important words from Parents


Why it is important to watch sports on TV

Practice without progress is meaningless

Practice without Intensity is an insult to your teammates

Reaching for Excellence

Thank our sponsors, they help make it all possible

And Thanks to our Parents for support

If you have a plan for improvement, have you put it in motion?

Control what you can control-effort, intensity, focus, self-critique

See "Swing" pictures in photos



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