Homer Mariner Softball-2015


...Like a girl......



Practices on turf if weather good. otherwise HHS Gym

March 30---5 to 7 on Turf-sharing with Girl's Soccer 6:30-7

March 31st- 5 to 6:30 (Share half the turf with Boy's soccer 6-6:30)

March 31st- 6:30pm, Parent Meeting in the Library, players welcome

April 1st- Gave Turf Time to Girl's soccer with plans to be in Gym but High Jump is in there- Stay tuned

April 2nd- 5 to 7 on Turf, sharing wtih Boy's soccer 6 to 7

April 3rd- Good Friday- Optional Practice 11-1 on Turf

April 4th- I will be in Dome at some arranged time- optional.


Parent Meeting Tuesday, March 31st, 6:30pm. Library



Varsity- Dragoo, Pitzman, Larue, L.Fellows, Jantzi, Needham, Stafford, Walls, Doughty, Liebers, Bowe

JV and swinging to Varsity: Beach, Raymond, Hagge

JV - M. Fellows, Metz, Smith, Woo, Alexson, Baylink,


See "Schedule" for Games

Watch Softball on TV-Lots of it now- ESPN, SEC, PAC12, BYU Channels.

Excel - Enjoy - Evolve

A unique Double Play

Your Core is the Secret to our team success.

ATR 6:30am Tuesday and Thursday is available to you

Where do you find a strong core? Not on a couch. Not in math class. Not at the mall.

ATR will provide you with an unbeatable core for only the price of a little sweat.

MJ welcomes all softball players. Please start now to get us the stongest Team core in the state.

Annual Escrip Renewal-Time Sensitive-Thanks


Pick-Click-Give for the Mariner Softball Foundation-Follow instructions in Fund Raising

Tom Hansen's Mental Toughness Quiz

Fun Article: Ted Williams vs Joan Joyce


THE Six important words from Parents



A Rousing Success on so many fronts

Pictures of our Farragut Game (345 of them)


Why it is important to watch sports on TV

Practice without progress is meaningless

Practice without Intensity is an insult to your teammates

Reaching for Excellence

Thank our sponsors, they help make it all possible

And Thanks to our Parents for support

If you have a plan for improvement, have you put it in motion?

Control what you can control-effort, intensity, focus, self-critique

See "Swing" pictures in photos



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