Spring 21 is Melting its way here

We will have a Parent meeting in the next couple of weeks as Spring settles in but if you have questions please contact either Mary Hana Bowe, the assistant coach, or myself.  Please take the time to review the Team Handbook on our website at marinersoftball.net  and ask that your players go over it also.  I will not be long winded here as the website should contain the information to all questions that you would have, and I can get long winded in the future.  

We have also sent a link to the WhatsApp Group text that we use for more immediate communication if you are willing to be part of a group texting service that is not too burdensome.

We will follow all Borough and Alaska guidelines for Covid safety  during the season and those are listed on the Team Information page of the website. And, of course, we will be needing lots of help with field work, game support, etc and will keep you notified about those opportunities.  Fund raising that we usually do through our raffle and pull tabs has taken a big hit both last year and this year so if anyone has ideas for helping with the extra costs that are going to be associated with the season and travelling, all ideas are welcome.

It has been a pleasure meeting the new players and seeing their enthusiasm and “coachability”

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