Pre-Season Thoughts

  1. Please be sure you are current on Physical and Permission slips
  2. Hannah will be your guide until March 16th- She is ready
  3. Please read the Team Guide for this Year
  4. Practice and Game schedules are as we know them now on schedule page
  5. Let us know if you have questions
  6. Download the App -Mariner Softball- as I hope to use it extensively.
  7. First Day 2/28 at HMS Gym 6-8pm

Preseason Meeting

Thanks to all for such a great tournament. Really appreciate the new faces and was proud of the problem solving in our two exercises and the willingness to explore a new way of playing softball. If you have time, don’t forget the Dome on Monday and Wednesday after school and on Sunday afternoons.

It’s a New Year

Once again, the sun is coming back, the Dome has some life in it and we are preparing for a new season. Coaches are excited and hope to see you at the PreSeason Meeting, Jaunary 16th FOL in gym, Mondays and Wednesdays after school with Hannah and Sunday with Bill at 4pm for pitching.